What is a Self-Love/ Relationship Coach

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Someone asked me the other day what it actually is that I do…. I realised I’m so used to myself that I forget coaching is totally unheard of to others. In fact before I went into it I too had no idea what it was about either. If someone had said to me ‘I’m a coach’ I would have given them that bewildered look that this same person gave me and said ‘what is that’. So it got me thinking that it’s about time I explained what a coach is and told you what I actually do and why it’s so powerful in helping you change your life…


How I Discovered Coaching

So let me start off with how I first discovered coaching. After deciding it was time to hang up my dancing shoes, I really had to sit with myself and delve deep into what else there was that I enjoyed doing. Dancing had always been my passion and was something that I discovered and fell in love with, so I wasn’t really sure what else there was that I liked doing and that I could certainly make a career out of. I thought about various things but didn’t enjoy them enough to want to start something new. Then I thought about how much I enjoyed helping people. I always enjoyed listening to people and encouraging them to feel better, so I got on Google, not that I even remember what I searched for but voila, I came across this thing called ‘coaching’. I then went to a taster weekend and instantly felt like I had found my purpose. That’s when my new journey began.


What Coaching Is?

So what is coaching then? Well coaching is a forward focused and solution based approach to helping you change your life. It’s about helping you move away from the situation you’re in and towards the one you want to be in. It’s a collaborative process, so together with a coach you create the pathway that’s right for you to get you to your end goal.

As a Self-Love/ Relationship Coach, it’s my job to provide a safe, open and non-judgmental space, for you to open up and explore what’s going on for you, so we can help you get to your specific end goal. So often many of us are totally unaware of why we feel the way we do or have no idea how to change the way we feel about ourselves. It can be very overwhelming to even think about changing your current situation or unhappy relationship, or often you may not even have allowed yourself to imagine the life you can have and this is all because you have forgotten your worth.

I support women on a transformational journey, empowering them to find their inner strength and believe in themselves. I act as a guide and mentor providing the accountability, support and tools they need to find self-love and change their relationship. This means helping women build their confidence, trust in themselves, know their worth, respect and value themselves so they can make the decisions that are right for them and their life.

Helping women realise they are worthy of living a happy life and having a healthy, loving relationship is what lights me up. Every woman is worthy but it’s my job to help you believe it.


How it can help you

Coaching is extremely powerful because it’s like holding a mirror up to yourself, so you can see where the change needs to happen. So much of who we are, our thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns are based on our upbringing, however this is often something we are totally unaware of. These thoughts and beliefs that we have formed are buried deep within us and are often the very cause of what’s holding us back and hindering our relationships and life journey.

Coaching encourages you explore and challenge your beliefs. It’s a process of self-exploration, which enables you to really become aware of those deep-rooted beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you and to see how they are keeping you stuck in an unhealthy relationship with yourself and others. Awareness is the first and essential step in creating any change. When you truly understand your thoughts and behaviour patterns, you will then see you have the power of choice. You can choose to move forward and away from what has been keeping you stuck and unhappy.


How it’s Done

One of the key skills all coaches should have is ‘active listening’. Believe it or not there are many ways to listen and most of the time people listen to respond. For me really listening to my clients is huge, because often this is something they have never had. I listen to what it is your saying, the language, repetition and the context your talking about and from this I’ll ask you powerful questions which allow your mind to think in a different way from what you’re used to. So many people find it difficult to communicate what’s really going on, or are unaware of what they can do to get away from the pain and suffering. Having a coach shine a light on what you take for granted helps you step away and see yourself with different eyes. You have all the answers within, so I use a variety of tools and techniques to help you change the way you think and find the answers that are right for you to move towards what you really want.


How it’s different to therapy

Ok so people often ask what’s the difference between and coach and a therapist – There’s a BIG difference and having done both makes it easier to explain. Counseling focuses more on the problem and the past, so more time is spent exploring this, where as coaching is solution focused, so it’s approach is to move you towards the change you want by taking immediate action. There may be times where we talk about the past or go back to past experiences but the focus always comes back to the here and what it is we can do to get you towards your end goal.


What do I do?

So if you haven’t already grasped what I do here it is in a nutshell… I’m your Fairy godmother.

I know how tough it can be creating change within your life, I have been there myself. Having someone to hold your hand along the way makes a huge different and lightens the load. It’s my job to support and guide women on their journey of transformation. To help keep you inspired and on track, to be the one to give you a gentle push back in the saddle when you fall down, to help you change the way you view yourself, understand yourself and really value and love who you are, so you can have the kind of relationship you deserve and show up to the world owning the wonderful worthy woman you are!


Will a coach fix me?

Ok so here’s a fact ‘No one can fix you accept YOU’. It’s my job to support and guide you in the right direction and as I mention this is a huge part of my coaching. But ultimately you have be ready and willing to do the work to create the changes you want. We all know that familiar feeling of comfort, which can make it seem easier to stay and ‘put up with’ or ‘settle’ for less than you deserve. Yes it can seem scary so continuing in the same unhappy cycle with the same excuses for why you’re not living life as the best version of yourself may seem safer, but is this really how you want the rest of your life to be?

You have to be the one to decide enough is enough. You have to want out of that unhealthy relationship, you have to want to start feeling more confident, more deserving, more worthy and empowered, because the only person stopping you from all of this is you. So if your desire to change exceeds your safety to stay then I want to hear from you. Get booking a call with me and lets chat about changing your life.



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