Are you ready to feel CONNECTED, CONFIDENT and in AWE of yourself?

Ok lady if you’ve ever wanted to shake your stuff like Queen Bey or Hair whip like Britney, then you are going to LOVE my Sass & Soul Sessions.
An energising work out for both the mind and body, Sass & Soul Sessions combine a unique blend of Dance, Mindfulness and Coaching techniques, to really help you tune into yourself both mentally and physically.

Having been a professional dancer to artists including Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and Robbie Williams, I know just what it takes to help you unleash that alter ego that lies within. Dance is not only a fantastic way to get fit but it’s also an amazing way to help you build confidence and cultivate self-love. I’ve been teaching women to dance for over a decade now and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the first hand effects dancing has had on improving women’s mentality about themselves and their bodies.

Taking care of ourselves is more than just thinking about our physical bodies

Sass & Soul Sessions

Sass & Soul uses dance to help you not only get fit but to also to help you find that inner connection to yourself. Moving your body through dance enables you to find acceptance and appreciation within. We own what mamma gave us, whatever shape, size or age and throughout I’ll be cheering and encouraging you to embrace and love all the uniqueness that makes you YOU!

Our emotional and mental health is just as vital, if not more important in making sure that we are showing up as our incredible selves. The powerful combination of mindfulness and coaching techniques incorporated within, help you explore and connect to yourself on a heart and soul level. Tuning into ourselves in this way creates self awareness and a deeper understanding of ourselves and our needs. This is vital in ensuring we are showing up to the world as our worthy, wonderful and happy selves.

My Sass & Soul Sessions run every Saturday from 11am-12pm

Supportive and empowering community

Having been to many dance classes in my time, I know just how daunting and uncomfortable it can feel going into something completely brand new or out of your comfort zone. This is why it’s super important for me that the women who come to my classes feel supported, comfortable and at ease from start to finish.  I provide a safe encouraging space for you to show up for yourself, let go of those inhibitions and find true empowerment from within.

All the women who come to dance with me are there because they want to give to themselves. Whether they are completely new to dancing, love to dance or are reigniting a lost passion, they all have one thing in common, which is to do something that will enhance their physical and mental health. My classes are not for professionals, because Sass & Soul is so much more than just doing a routine and focusing on choreography.

My sexy, sassy, femme style will help you unleash your alter ego within and leave you feeling like you really are your very own Beyonce. Bringing likeminded women together who support and encourage one another, creates such a wonderful and empowering vibe and also means we have a lot of fun too.

Sass & Soul sessions are for all the women out there who are ready to start saying YES and prioritising themselves. It’s for those women who want more than just a class, but who want to feed their soul doing more of what that love and reconnect to themselves on both the inside and out.

Time to tune out and tune into you

S.A.S.S. Workshops

Encompassing all the elements from my epic Sass & Soul classes, my S.A.S.S. Workshops delve a little deeper into helping you connect with yourself.

3 hours in length, these Workshops include a 90 minute Group coaching session, which centers around a range of topics including

  • How to build more confidence
  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with YOU and
  • Learning what it takes to stand in your power and show up as your worthy, authentic self
  • Plus various other topics centered around Self-Love and Relationships

Whether morning or afternoon, be prepared to go on a journey of self-exploration where you’ll get to know and love yourself a little more. Coaching is a transformative process, which emphasizes on self-reflection and solution focused techniques, to help you achieve the life and relationships you desire. Throughout the Workshop you’ll learn various coaching tools/techniques to help you feel more confident and empowered within. The remaining 90 minutes blends mindfulness and dance in various forms, from strutting, to body appreciation exercises and epic sassy choreography, to some empowering tunes.

For more info on my Workshops or for private or corporate hire please get in touch … 

What others have said

This class was a blast of energy and womanly confidence, no matter your experience or background in dance. Keeley is a very approachable teacher who creates a bubbly and fun atmosphere. I have never once felt awkward or uncertain with Keeley leading a class


Feeling beautiful and sexy is a mental attitude I think and this is what I was looking for in the workshop. It was a fun, beautiful, sexy workshop, and I would definitely do it again. A bit of magic


... Keeley, as ever, you made everyone feel great and like we were in a girl band. Honestly, I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through. You created a really relaxed and inspirational atmosphere and you were very supportive, so I think we could all feel like we could just let go and enjoy it...It made me feel great!

Kate B.

I'd walked through the studio on many occasion wanting to join in but feeling too nervous. Worried I'd mess up & people would laugh, worried I wasn't good enough. I was so very wrong, Keeley is really friendly & provides a fun, Diva free environment for you dance like nobody's watching. Keeley's routines are fun, sassy, sexy and energetic. Not only do you get a great workout but you build self-confidence and self-love too.


I really wanted something that would help me feel more self confident as a woman and it seemed like the perfect fit as Keeley was so encouraging and had really good energy and was all about self love and positivity. I absolutely fricking loved it! That hour helped me so much with feeling self confident in myself as a person. I felt like a badass bitch who is sexy and confident ... one of the best investments I made this year


What struck me was that Keeley’s class wasn’t like your ordinary dance class. It was about working on yourself, self care, loving your self, being confident in your body…I absolutely love it. I have become more in tune with my body, Im learning to love all of me whilst be able to let go and dance. Her workshop gives me everything I want to feel as a woman, to be free and happy in my body. She teaches you how to dance, how to love yourself and how to be in tune with yourself. You don’t have to be a pro, just be open to letting loose and loving yourself


I ummed and arred as I have a daughter at home and felt should I be spending time with her, but I loved it. I feel like I got back in touch with myself and back into my own body. It was so much fun. Keeley breaks down the moves, so you can learn it and I feel awesome, I'm so glad I went


Her insatiable positivity & encouragement has always made me feel welcome & supported. There is no pressure for perfection in her classes; just have fun, support each other and most important - love yourself. I was in a bit of a rut at the time, and this was my first dance class in months, so she really helped pull me out of any anxiety I had about myself, and recognise my strength & value. Keeley makes you feel so good about yourself that is impossible not to fall in love with her


It was just amazing I felt it was an opportunity for me to really connect with myself, to get aligned to me on all levels. Keeley is so tuned into everyone in the class, there’s lots of compassion, kindness and no judgment in the room which allows you to just be yourself, feel free and let go. What I love most is that it’s not just about dance, it’s a whole holistic level of attune-ment to yourself. I leave with a lot more self awareness and self reflection. Keeley is so supportive. I feel energized and amazing. Sass & Soul has given me permission to just let go, explore all aspects of myself and be who I want to be.


It was so much fun. What I love best about Keeley is she brings a huge fun vibe to class and creates and incredible supportive athmosphere, everyone is cheering and supporting each other. I left the class feeling sexy and confident and like I could do it, even though it was my firat time dancing in heels, I’m so blessed and so grateful for everything that happened today.