Reach Out and get Support – MENTAL HEALTH DAY

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It’s mental Heath Day which is super important for me because I believe our mental health is just as significant as our physical, if not more. When thinking about the message I wanted to send out in today’s blog, I realized that although I love working with women, today’s message is not gender specific, it’s for all the men and women out there who are struggling with life or their relationship right now. I encourage you to open up and tell somebody that you are struggling. I cannot preach enough at how crucial it is for you to talk about your problems and get some support, so I ask that you pass this message around with you today because spreading this might just change someone’s life.


What does it mean to Open UP

Talk…be vulnerable… share my feelings are you mad. Yep I totally get how uncomfortable it can feel to think about opening up to someone and telling them everything that’s going on in your mind, we fear judgment and rejection massively as humans, so of course, we try to avoid it at all costs. There has also unfortunately been a stigma attached to seeking professional help for many years and I too used to be totally against it. The word counselor to me meant you were a lunatic. I was totally ignorant about getting support and learning to understand myself. I had no idea of the issues I had deep within that were affecting my life and my relationships, nor did I understand that some of my childhood experiences had affected me so much and were still hindering my adult life. I was totally unaware of myself as many people are. The point is every single person on Earth has moments in their life which are challenging, whether you’re feeling down, anxious, upset, lonely, lost, not good enough, the list goes on. But often it can feel like you’re the only one going through it, or maybe that there is something wrong with you. But you are not alone. We ALL have issues because life isn’t perfect and this is why we need to open up and talk about them. When you learn to open up and talk about what is going on, you begin to understand yourself and the real issues which are causing you to feel unhappy. Having this awareness allows you to let go of the judgment you’ve been putting on yourself and instead focus on making yourself feel better. In opening up, you’ll also find that you give permissions to those around you to do the same and hearing that someone else has felt the way you do or similar takes away that alienated feeling and allows you to realize there is nothing wrong, weird, bad, stupid about what you’re feeling.


But I’m FINE –Ignore and Avoidance

needs. It’s not natural as a human to go life alone. Connecting and sharing your struggle with someone not only means you are acknowledging it, which is the first step in changing how you feel, but it also allows you to let go of the burden you have been carrying on your own.  Ignoring or avoiding those feelings or telling yourself you shouldn’t be feeling what you do is devaluing yourself and only delays you getting out of it. There is nothing strong or heroic about denying what is going on with you. In fact, it’s very empowering to reach out and decide to get help to change your life. You don’t need to pretend or tell people you’re fine when you aren’t, because all that does is mask the problem and makes you feel even more alone. Reaching out and getting support from a counselor and coach friends and family, helped me understand myself and the issues that were affecting my life and relationships. It was the best thing I ever did for myself because I spent so many years feeling misunderstood, self-sabotaging and totally unaware of how to make changes to make me feel happier.


How do I Reach Out?

It can feel really hard to know where to start when you are feeling down or unhappy but you must realize you don’t have to do it all alone because there are people out there who want to help you. Maybe they are in the form of family, your partner, friends, colleagues or maybe they are more indirect, and it could be that you reach out to a counselor or coach. Whoever it is for you REACH OUT. Tell them how you’re feeling and get the support that someone wants to give you.


I do what I do to help those whose shoes I have been in because I know how it feels and I don’t want anyone to have to suffer or feel alone. Having someone else support you and make sense of some of the stuff going on in your mind that you struggle to make sense of is liberating. So today think of someone you trust, who you know wants you to be happy and tell them how you’re feeling. Open up and get the support you need and deserve, so you can move forward feeling more happy and content with your life.


If you would like further support then you can book a call and we can chat about working together


Much Love



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