International Women’s Day 2018!

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So, today is International Women’s day which is about celebrating women and recognising their achievements.

I’m all about girl power and yes I’m a bit of a feminist, so I love this day. But whatever it means to you, one thing’s for sure and that’s that International Women’s Day is about unity.

Whatever your title, wife, mum, entrepreneur, insert whatever you fancy, you are first of all YOU! An incredible and powerful woman. So today is a day to celebrate EVERY SINGLE one of you, because you are a unique gift to this world.

We all posses our own power and I believe this comes in the form of self-acceptance, which is one of my biggest achievements. Learning to fully love and accept myself has given me an inner peace, which has helped me become confident with who I really am and learn to value my worth and myself.

There are many women out there who have given their power away because they lack self-belief and have forgotten how to value themselves or perhaps they were never shown it. If you don’t potentially believe you have achieved much at all I want you to know you so have. Don’t overlook your life and everything that you are and have overcome. Stop comparing yourself to others and their journey because yours is unique to you and that’s part of your power, there is no one else like YOU. Reflect back on your life and you will see that you have accomplished many things. Give yourself the praise and celebration you deserve.

I believe that if we spent more time celebrating ourselves on more days of the year, so many more women out there would know their worth. They would see how powerful and incredible they are and stop settling for mediocre.

So on International Women’s day I encourage you to celebrate your achievements; regardless of how big or small you believe they are. I encourage you to celebrate yourself and believe that you are capable of living an incredible life, full of love and happiness. More than anything I encourage you to tell yourself what one hell of a Wonderful, Worthy Woman you are!

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