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International Self-Love Day Challenge | Keeley Dann

International Self-Love Day Challenge

By February 11, 2019 No Comments

“It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a Self-Love deficit”

– Eartha Kitt



Love Or Loathe V Day

So Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with it brings a mix of emotions for us all. Some of you may be dreading this day because it’s yet another reminder that you’re single, or maybe you’re in a relationship but this day always brings disappointment because your other half never delivers in the way you hope they will. Or maybe you love this day and can’t wait. Whatever your thoughts on it, V day is all about LOVE, spreading it, sharing it and receiving it.


Whohoooo Self Love Day

But even though I’m all about that L word, it’s clear to see that when we think about Valentine’s Day we immediately think of others….What can we get or give  our partner… Or feeling the pressure of needing to have a partner… We don’t immediately think about giving or loving ourselves on this day do we? So when I found out that February 13th  is International SELF-LOVE Day, I literally did a happy dance. This is the best news everrrr, because I’m all about that relationship we have with ourselves. I cannot preach enough the importance of SELF-LOVE and the life changing affect implementing more of it into your life can have on your relationships, so to have a whole day dedicated to loving YOU is music to my ears. But what is it about I hear you ask…Well founder of the day Christine Arylo describes it as this;


“The International Day of Self-Love serves to strengthen a person’s feeling of being loved, so that by February 14th they don’t need anyone else to give them love”



Its Your Duty  

I firmly believe that we need love to survive but how are we to have a healthy love with others if we don’t understand how to love ourselves. It is our duty to know what makes us happy and our responsibility to live life creating our own happiness. Other people come into our lives and add a richness and enhance our experience of happiness, but when we rely on others to give us all of this, then that’s when we give away our power. Love should be given and received freely and we should believe that we are worthy and deserving of it, because WE ALL ARE. When we are searching for love because of fear, that’s when it becomes unhealthy. Fear makes us solely rely on another to fill up your love tank and in doing this you run the risk of loosing yourself or accepting a love that is less than you deserve and often toxic and unhealthy.

Focusing on filling yourself up with love first, gives you the self trust and confidence you need, to know your worth and believe in the love you can have and deserve to receive from others. When you stand in your power, worthy and filled with love for yourself, you will see how you attract the kinds of people and the relationship you are worthy of having into your life.


Easy To Give To Others But What About You?

The ironic thing is, most of us find it easy to give our love to others. It’s built within us to want to make others feel good or do things for those we love because we enjoy seeing them light up and be happy. But as good as we are at showing others love, we don’t always find it as easy to show it towards ourselves. I have fallen into this trap myself. I have failed to look within at what I need for my own happiness and in doing so I have relied on others to validate me and make me feel good enough. The problem with this is that there will always be someone who you are not good enough for, because that’s life and we are not supposed to be the perfect fit for everyone. But when you have that inner love for yourself you know that it’s not about you. You know that regardless of what this person says or does, you are still worthy.

Self-Love means you know when it’s time to let go of those people who are de-valuing you and not appreciating all you are. It stops you from staying in unhealthy or unhappy relationships  through fear that you’ll never meet anyone ever again because you believe in yourself to know you will. Self-love says I trust and I believe in you and YOU MATTER. No one in this world matters more to you than you do, because before you can give to anyone else it’s your responsibility firstly give to yourself, so you can show up to the world as wonderful worthy woman you were born to be.



Self-Love Day Challenge

So as this day is all about focusing on loving you, that’s what we’re going to do. This is your permission (not that you ever need it) to give yourself what you need and to celebrate all that you are. I have listed down several actions below as part of my International Self-Love Day Challenge and I invite you to take part and feed yourself with the all love you deserve.

I would love to hear how you get on with this challenge so either tag me on my socials @keeley_dann or pop me an email over on  info@keeleydann.com to tell all. Most of all enjoy doing this for YOU!


Turn Inwards and ask YOURSELF…
  • How can I make myself feel loved today?
  • What do I NEED in order to fill up my Love Tank?
  • What can I do for ME that will make me feel Special
Be KIND to You…

I encourage you to be kind to yourself all day – let go of any harsh critical language and instead replace it with an empowering affirmation.

Click the link below to download my Free Self-Love Affirmation Print out

Self Appreciate…

Be in awe of yourself. Self appreciation really does raise our vibration and make us feel more confident and empowered within. Start your day with some self praise by listing down 3 qualities you have that you are proud of, believe in and love about yourself. You’re incredible so time to start seeing it!

  • I am Proud of…
  • I believe I am…
  • I love my….
Give to You…

Finish the day with a compliment to yourself. Tell yourself something wonderful about YOU,  just as you would to someone else who you wanted to make  feel good.

………………………… (Your Name) …………………………………..(Compliment)

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