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A Recipe for Self-Love

Self-Love / Relationship Coach Keeley Dann
26th January 2019
Benk & Bo

What would it look like to start 2019 totally feeling yourself?
To show up to the world with that inner confidence and self-trust to be everything you already are; knowing you are worthy, wonderful and more than anything, believing you are loveable. How would it feel to truly love yourself lady


· What ‘Self-Love’ really is
· My KEY ingredients to help you cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with yourself.
· Practical tools and tips to help you build a kinder, more loving relationship with yourself.
· To shake your stuff and dance like Queen Bey and feel sexy, sassy and more confident within

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I've known Keeley for 3 years, having taken many of her classes with another dance company. Her insatiable positivity & encouragement had always made me feel welcome & supported so when I found out she was holding her own classes, I was so excited, I booked my place within 15 minutes! Keeley greets every student, old & new, with the same infectious smile and immediately puts you at ease. There is no pressure for perfection in her classes; just have fun, support each other, and most important - love yourself. The class was challenging, but none of us left feeling like we hadn't had a great time. The energy in the room was so happy & encouraging, even if we missed a move, we were still having a fantastic time. Keeley gave us advice on posture, technique, timing, & performance, but her best tips throughout the class were focused on self positivity, body positivity, & self love. I was in a bit of a rut at the time, and this was my first dance class in months, so she really helped pull me out of any anxiety I had about myself, and recognise my strength & value. Keeley makes you feel so good about yourself that is impossible not to fall in love with her. I'm eagerly awaiting the announcement of another class! X

- Camille

Sexy sassy heels workshop, is there any more to say? This was an amazing class! Warming up thoroughly in trainers first, Keeley eased us into the heels with a slow strut so you could easily see if you could last the class in your chosen pair. Strutting the catwalk like Beyoncé and shaking things up like Shakira, this class was a blast of energy and womanly confidence, no matter your experience or background in dance. Keeley is a very approachable teacher who creates a bubbly and fun atmosphere. I have never once felt awkward or uncertain with Keeley leading a class and dancing in heels was no exception to this. I can honestly say this was my first time dancing this way and it felt bold and empowering. I met new faces with a passion for dance and a desire to understand our bodies and movement. The emphasis of our body lines when holding positions was one of my favourite things to understand and learn. Even a week later after a long day of work, the videos and photos of the class helped to bring a smile back to my face! The most important thing for me is that you leave the class feeling at the top of your game instead of like you’ve just passed the hour with exercise. This always keeps me going back for more of Keeley’s dances! I will definitely be jumping on another chance at learning further. Thanks Keeley!

Kate E

I participated in Keeley's Sexy, Sassy, Dance Workshop in August hoping to find a bit more confidence in dancing. I am not able to dance, but I would like to feel beautiful and sexy when I do it. Feeling beautiful and sexy is a mental attitude I think, and this is what I was looking for in the workshop. It was super fun. I loved the routine and I find it nice to dance in heels. And as always Keeley make it look simple and manageable, also for a person unable to move like I am. It was nice for a while to try to do it, without any pressure and in such inclusive and positive environment. I was also happy I could do all the routine from the beginning to the end! It was fun, beautiful, sexy workshop, and I would definitely do it again. A bit of magic! 😀
Thank you so much, Keeley


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